Top Creative Business Card Designs 2015

Header Image: Ian Vadas (Seriously, amazing work.)

We live in an increasingly digital world, but if our orders are anything to go by, business cards still play a powerful role in business networking. The problem? Standing out from the hundreds of other business cards that prospective leads, connections and partners stuff inside their wallets and briefcases. So how exactly do you take your business card to the next creative level? Read on! As always, all the images on this page are linked back to the designers/companies they represent – click through for even more inspiration from these talented people!

1. Specialty substrates and materials.

Top Creative Business Card Designs 2015

Think about it. Someone asks for your business card; instead of getting a piece of regular card stock with a design printed on it maybe you hand them a piece of plastic like the incredibly creative card above. We don’t know about you, but if the photographer whom this belongs to handed us his card, we would be inclined to trust that their creativity didn’t stop at imaging creative business cards.

Something we’re pretty proud of here at Ink Rebels? Our water-poof, tear-resistant business cards. Printed on an environmentally-friendly synthetic paper, we’ve submerged these things underwater for over 24 hours with no visible effect of ink bleeding and we’ve seen grown men struggle to put a tear in them! Not only do the feel different, but they act totally different. Perfect for ANYONE who has a tough job (personal trainer, outdoorsman/woman, etc.), or something involving water (plumbers, people working with aquariums, sailors…) .

Top Creative Business Card Designs 2015 2

2. Thinking way, WAY outside of the box.

Creative Business Cards Hair Salon

At first glance, this looks like a pretty normal business card, right? Look again.

Creating Business Cards

Unconventional? Yes. A little extravagant? Perhaps. Totally effective? You bet. When it comes to out of the box thinking, you shouldn’t be asking yourself the question “Why?” – instead, trying asking “Why not?”. If one new client covers the cost of putting together an out of the ordinary business card, isn’t that worth the small risk? There’s always the chance that your business card will get featured on design and printing blogs (just like Ink Rebels) and you can’t buy that kind of business exposure!

Here’s another crafty card:
Creative Business Cards Box

3. Letterpress, Foil Stamping and Embossing.

Gone are the days when embossing, foil and letterpress were just for banks and law firms! These three techniques are becoming more and more common as some pretty powerful creative tools, especially when it comes to business cards.

Creative Business Cards Letterpress

Creative Business Cards Foil

4. Painted Edge, Rounded Corners and Spot UV.

A more recent design trend in business cards is the painted edge. We’re not quite sure how it started, but we’re definitely a fan! Not only can you cover the white of the card stock on the edges (for example, painting it black for a black business card), but you can really use it to make your design pop!
Painted Edge Creative Business Cards

Below is a lovely example of rounded edges, with a nice touch of blind Spot UV to boot! If you like this look, you’ll definitely want to check out our proprietary SculptedUV™, a process that takes UV coatings to a whole new level!

Spot UV Creative Business Cards

So there you have it. Following these guidelines, we guarantee that your business card will never again get lost in the shuffle! As always, if you would like more information on how you can order your creative business card, head over to Northern Ohio Printing!

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