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Wood Business Cards

We're really excited about these - using REAL wood, our wood business cards are a specialty stock that are perfect for those looking for a rugged, unique business card. Before reading on, if you like the photography of our products, don't hesitate to go and check out Fleeting Fox Photography - her work is INCREDIBLE. Because they use real wood, each card has a unique grain pattern on the front,...

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Announcing: Ink Rebels Pro

We're excited to give a sneak peak of our new Ink Rebels Pro line of products to our blog readers! (more…)

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Top Die Cut Business Cards of 2015

From simple to highly complex, we've pulled together some of our favorite die cut business cards from the web! Seriously, if you're looking for die cutting inspiration, you've come to the right place. Top Die Cut Business Cards of 2015 Each image is linked to the designers of these amazing cards - we encourage you to click through and show them some appreciation! Main Image Courtesy: http://www.rethinkcanada.com/work/franco_caligiuri/ 1. Uncle Pear...

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Top Creative Business Card Designs 2015

Top Creative Business Card Designs 2015 Header Image: Ian Vadas (Seriously, amazing work.) We live in an increasingly digital world, but if our orders are anything to go by, business cards still play a powerful role in business networking. The problem? Standing out from the hundreds of other business cards that prospective leads, connections and partners stuff inside their wallets and briefcases. So how exactly do you take your business...

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White Ink Business Cards

White Ink Business Cards White ink is a relatively recent printing development. Unlike simply printing a black background on white paper and then not printing over certain areas to give the appearance of white text, white ink is ACTUAL white ink that can print over a variety of substrates, even recycled and black stocks! The effect is unlike what you would get from the aforementioned traditional method - the white...

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Spot UV and Sculpted UV™

Spot UV and our proprietary Sculpted UV™ are incredible tools - without sounding too cliché, they really do take your printing to the next level. Unlike a typical UV coating that goes over the whole page (also called Flood UV), Spot UV and Sculpted UV™ allow you to pick and choose where the UV coating will go, in effect adding a whole new layer of artwork and a 3rd dimension...

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