“Cryptocurrency Accepted Here” decals have arrived!

Cryptocurrency Decals Bitcoin Monero Accepted Here

We’re excited to let you know about a new product, hot off the presses! Printed on repositionable, no-residue vinyl and coated with a protective UV coating, these cryptocurrency accepted here decals are ideal for businesses and individuals who want to let the world know that they accept crypto! The decals measure 7″ wide by 2.5″ tall, and will stick well to walls, windows and other flat surfaces (although we have had some luck on various rougher surfaces as well such as brick, wood, etc.). When correctly applied to a clean surface, our decals won’t peel and any bubbles that arise during application can easily be worked out using clean fingers or a credit card. Each order ships with TWO decals, allowing you to promote your acceptance of crypto both on the front and back of your storefront, or perhaps with one of the decals near your register.

We currently have the following crypto decals in stock, and we ARE taking suggestion on adding more if you want to order some for another currency:

  • Crypto Accepted Here
  • Monero Accepted Here
  • Bitcoin Accepted Here
  • Ethereum Accepted Here
  • Ripple Accepted Here
  • Litecoin Accepted Here


As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in the site, we’re big believers in Cryptocurrency and we don’t mean that we’re just jumping on the bandwagon to sell some printing. There’s a tangible future for cryptocurrency, and not just financially speaking; we believe it’s the future. That’s why we’re putting a lot of effort into creating tangible, useful products for the cryptosphere that will encourage more and more people to use this incredible new payment method.

Ready to show the world that you accept crypto? Our decals are printed, finished and ready to ship! Simply head over to the Crypto Accepted Here Decal page and place your order – we’ll ship them right out!