White Ink Artwork Guide

White Ink business cards are beautiful when done right, and the basis of a good business card is always good artwork. When it comes to ordering our white ink business cards there are a few things to remember:


  • Set up your business card document (3.5″x2″ with 0.125″ bleeds on all sides). Set your document color mode to grayscale (optional but recommended).


  • For this product we almost always prefer artwork to be sent to us in vector format: EPS, AI, PDF or alternately PSD. This is because we need to convert your final artwork in preparation for white ink, and the final output is always better with high-res files like the ones mentioned above. Always convert text to outlines before saving, and make sure to use file>package instead of merely saving your document – that way everything we might need will be included in the zip folder the package function produces.


  • White Ink business cards do not support any color graphics. All of your artwork should be pure black over a blank or white background. Everything in black in your artwork will be printed in white ink, as shown below:
  • By using different shades of gray (or percentages of black) you can vary the intensity of the white ink to a varying degree. Pure black will be the brightest white ink but bring down the black percentage too far and you risk the white ink not being visible enough. We recommend not going lower than 50% black. We also recommend staying away from large blocks of white ink (black in your artwork) – heavy coverage will incur some loss of the stunning effect of white ink on the black stock.