Ink Rebels Co-Op

Business doesn’t have to be cut-throat.


One of our favorite things about being based in Cleveland is that – contrary to popular belief – it’s a kind city. Our founders have loved being involved in the creative community, and we’ve found it to have an incredibly inclusive, non-competitive spirit. We all know there’s enough business to go around, and perhaps if we all help each other when possible there are new adventures to be taken and new friendships to be made. Call us optimists, call us naive – but we believe there’s no reason this principle can’t be applied nationally and even beyond.


Ink Rebels is actively seeking brand partnerships with local/small businesses and startups. If you’re a maker, illustrator, inventor or dreamer of any kind and are in the process of building or refining your brand, we would love to chat – no matter where you are in the world. We’re willing to offer sponsored or highly-discounted printing in exchange for being able to have the chance to get our own creative juices flowing as well as tell your story on our website. We’re looking for the unique, the adventurous; we’re looking for the people who are kept up at night by the passion for their craft. We’ll bring decades of print experience and an engaged branding team to the table while allowing you full creative control. If you’re dedicated, kind and looking to partner with other ground-up businesses, get in touch.




Photo by Rachael Gorjestani