Who Are We?

Is Ink Rebels a brick & mortar company?

Absolutely! Based in Cleveland, Ohio we’ve been in the printing business for nearly 25 years with a fully-equipped commercial print facility just outside of the city center. Even if you’ll always reach a real person (usually nursing a cup of coffee) when you call on the phone, we love face-to-face time with our clients – if you’re ever in the area our print shop is open for meetings and tours!

Why should I print with Ink Rebels?

At Ink Rebels, we put the entirety of our passion for the craft into each job that we produce. Unlike other companies that just want to see you spend, we want to see you succeed, and it’s with that goal in mind that we’ve developed our unique but affordable line of products. 

Do you cater to business of all sizes?

We certainly do – our clients include fortune 100 companies as well as garage-based startups! Our print shop houses multiple off-set presses for high-volume runs, while our digital Indigo press and Epson Fine Art printer handle one-offs and smaller jobs. If you’re interested in using us as your commercial printer get in touch; we’ll connect you with one of our friendly Project Managers who will help assess your printing needs. We offer custom web-2-print storefronts, credit accounts and custom color profiles for consistency across your printed materials.

Orders and Returns

How do I place an Order?

Simply add the product(s) you want to purchase to your cart and then check out! If your product doesn’t require customization (e.g. our pantone-inspired notebooks) we’ll get to work on shipping them out right away. If you product DOES require custom printing (e.g. a business card) make sure you attach your design files when asked for them as we’ll need those to begin your custom printing.

What should I know about custom printing?

Custom printing has come leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades! Some of our staff still remember manually typesetting each business card (or worse, a brochure) with individual metal letters! Thankfull we’ve digitized the process these days, but it’s important to realize that custom printing still comes with the same caveats as any other bespoke purchase.

Unlike standard products that can be re-added to stock levels if an order is returned or cancelled, custom orders are made to your specifications and therefore cannot be cancelled or returned once an order has been started. That’s why it’s so important to check and double-check any production files you send us! We check files to ensure that they’ll print well, but if you’ve mistyped a cell-phone number or put your old email on your business card we’re not going to catch it!

It’s also important to know that custom orders – particularly those with specialty stocks and finishes – do take a little bit longer to print that our standard products and so it’s a good idea to take that into account for orders that are needed quickly. A great example of why this is the case can be found with our true wood grain business cards. Unlike regular paper, this real wood veneer has a deeper grain just like a piece of furniture – while ink drying on regular paper only takes a day or so, our wood business cards can take up to 2-3 days while the ink properly dries throughout the grain.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

In an ideal world, custom printing orders would always be perfect all the time. In the real world of printing, we know this doesn’t always happen! If you want to cancel an order or notice a change that needs to be made before we’ve started printing, we’re happy to refund you (for cancellations) or take a corrected file at no charge. If we have already begun the production process, we may ask for a print cancellation/correction fee – because each job is different, this fee will be evaluated based upon how much materials and labour have gone into the job so far. 

How Do I Track My Order?

Tracking your order is simply using our order tracking system. Simply input your order ID (as found in your order email confirmation) as well as the email address used for the order. If you can’t find your order ID or aren’t sure which email you used to place it, get in touch using our contact page and one of the Ink Rebels team will be happy to track it down for you.

How Can I Return a Product?

Buyer’s remorse? Not a problem. Non-custom products can be returned in the original condition they were sent for a full refund, however we will only cover return shipping for items received that were incorrect (wrong item sent) or that arrive damaged. We can only reprint/refund custom orders if a printing mistake is shown to be on our part – mistakes in the artwork or text provided are not covered so we highly recommend proof-reading your artwork multiple times before submitting! 

To begin a return or for more information about returns policy, get in touch!

Printing & Shipping Information

How Long Will It Take To Get My Printing?

Our goal is always to get your order to you as quickly as possible! In general you can expect production time to be around 5-7 business days; while this may seem a bit longer than most online shopping, keep in mind that each order is bespoke and printed and inspected by hand. Specialty substrates also handle differently than traditional papers and cardstocks, often with increased drying time to ensure a permanent image and killer final product. USPS Priority shipping typically adds 2-3 days to turnaround, although we have provided rush shipping options to you at checkout if you need your order even faster.

I don’t see what I’m looking for – do you print totally custom orders?

Have something specific in mind that you don’t see on our site? Let us know! We are are a fully-equipped commercial printer with a 30-person team on site, so if you’ve seen it on Pinterest or a Design blog, chances are great that we can create it for you!

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We typically ship USPS Priority, as this offers the most cost-efficient way to get your printing to you. If you are a business customer we are happy to ship on your UPS or Fedex account – please get in touch so that we can arrange for your preferences to ship with your existing shipping account. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

At this time we do not ship internationally by default, however we are open to shipping custom print orders on a case-by-case basis. If you are outside of the United States and would like to place an order, please contact us directly!

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We currently accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal directly on the site. We are also happy to take credit cards over the phone using our in-house secure terminal – either way we will never store your credit card information and with our SSL and state-of-the-art payment processing you can be sure that your online purchase with us is a safe one.

Cryptocurrency Information

We are also now accepting cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Monero) – simply select the “Pay with Crypto” option at checkout and follow the instructions on the Globee payment gateway. Please keep in mind that acquiring cryptocurrency can be a lengthy process – we only recommend using this option to customers who already hold some form of cryptocurrency that can be sent to our wallets or converted using Shapeshift into one of the currencies we accept. Important note: orders paid via cryptocurrency will be refunded in USD at the value of the crypto at the time of purchase

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

It certainly can be, and it’s for this reason that Ink Rebels has done everything we possibly can to ensure your safety online. Our website is protected by an SSL using 256-bit encryption – this means that your financial data can’t be intercepted and snooped upon by any malicious actors when it is being sent from your computer to our website. Equally we never store any of your sensitive data – you’ll notice that our site does not have the option to save a credit card for future use. It may be a slight inconvenience, but it’s certainly better than having your credit card information sitting around at someone else’s “house”!

Please don’t forget to read our full Terms & Conditions!