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Lake View Cemetery



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Est. 1869 

Located within the cemetery is The James A. Garfield Monument, which was built in memory of the 20th U.S. President, James A. Garfield. Constructed of Berea Sandstone, the monument stands 180 feet tall. The exterior of the balcony contains over 110 life-size figures depicting Garfield’s life and death. President Garfield’s casket is draped with an American Flag, and is the only Presidential casket on full display to the public. The Haserot’s Angel is a life-size bronze sculpture holding an extinguished torch upside-down, symbolizing life extinguished. The most striking feature of this statue is how death’s guardian appears to be weeping black tears. The Cemetery is also known for its natural beauty. Thousands of plants exist in the cemetery, including some dating back to Cleveland’s founding. Each spring, Daffodil Hill explodes in color when over 100,000 daffodils bloom.

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