Marblehead Lighthouse


Size: 2″ x 3″

Stock: AML Flexible Vinyl Stickers (Permanent)

Color: 4/0 Process

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Est. 1821

The Marblehead Lighthouse is the 2nd oldest lighthouse, as well as the oldest working lighthouse on the Great Lakes. In 1923 a Fresnel lens made of crystal was shipped overseas to be installed in the lighthouse. It had a 330,000 candlelight power rating and was five feet in diameter. The light was so bright it could be seen for 16 miles on a clear night. The Fresnel lens used until 1969 when it was de-commissioned. The new lens  flashes a green glow every 3 seconds and can be seen for more than 7 miles on a clear night. The current lens weighs a total of 15 lbs as compared to the old Fresnel lens that weighed nearly 14,000 lbs. In 1998, Marblehead Lighthouse became Ohio’s 73rd State Park.

Weight1 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 × .01 in

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