The Hustle.

As we reach our shop’s launch, I wanted to post a blog and talk a little bit about this project. My name is D.C. – I’m my spare time I’m an author and writer but during the week I’m usually standing at a desk working on bringing people unique, affordable, responsibly-made print. Several years ago I had the idea for a company blog called “Ink Rebels”, and until earlier this year that’s all we were – a blog. As time went on however, I started to realise that Ink Rebels had so much more potential than just sharing printing news and tips, and so with the blessing of our CEO who himself was now becoming convinced by the growing idea, I started upon the long journey of turning Ink Rebels into what I knew it could be. It has been a lot of late nights and early mornings – products have to be designed, printed and priced. Inventory has to be managed and marketing created, substrates acquired and inks tested. But that’s the difference between what I see Ink Rebels becoming and other pop-up stores selling printed goods – the team and I have a true passion for printing as craftsmen and craftswomen. If we wanted to make a quick buck selling online we’d just be using a drop-shipping service and collecting checks. But this isn’t the path of least resistance.

This is the hustle. You won’t make it through without passion.

Passion. It is paramount if our best work is to be done, and I knew for Ink Rebels to succeed I would need to be passionate and excited about it – I had to be all in. For me, that meant a focus on environmental consciousness and a business ethos centered around kindness – there was simply no other option. Doing good in the world, meeting other makers and dreamers – THOSE are things that will keep me up working late at night. Maximizing profits won’t. The team and I have committed to having a positive impact on the world, our clients and the people around us and we hope that as you do business with us you’ll see a company that is truly living out good corporate values.

The decision to support cryptocurrencies, particularly Monero, came just as easily. This technological revolution is the future, and I felt that it was important as a merchant to support it with our business. We will continue to expand our crypto-currency product offerings and I would love to chat about print partnerships with graphic designers and illustrators connected to the crypto scene.


All of that said – we’re so close to fully launching. Out of all the projects I’ve been a part of over the years, this is the one I’m most excited about, and I hope that once you see what Ink Rebels is capable of that you’ll be excited to. A huge thank you is owed to our CEO for seeing the vision as I do, to our staff for working hard on supporting this project and of course to all of the early customers who gave us the courage to see this thing all the way through.