Top 5 Die Cut Business Cards 2015

From simple to highly complex, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite die cut business cards from the web! Seriously, if you’re looking for die cutting inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Top 5 Die Cut Business Cards of 2015

Each image is linked to the designers of these amazing cards – we encourage you to click through and show them some appreciation!

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1. Uncle Pear Business Cards

Die Cut Business Card Pear

Unfortunately it looks like Uncle Pear is no longer very active, but  it’s really the combination of a unique shape and stand-out graphics that help make “Uncle Pear” make out list. The fact that this design still looks killer after 5 years tells you a LOT about what happens when you combine solid design with unique printing techniques.

2. Guillaume Bec – Logo Die Cut by Dessinemoiunobjet

Die Cut Business Card Logo

What we love about this business card is that a simple logo cut out takes it from simply being a nice clean card design to something that truly stands out from the crowd.

3. Mineral Spring Water – Water Bottle Die Cut Shape

Die Cut Business Card Bottle

We really can’t overstate how much an interesting and relevant shape can boost your business card branding. Without the water bottle die cut, this is still a very pleasant design. Add the water bottle shape, however, and you instantly make a bold and memorable statement. Heck, we’d get our spring water from them based on their business card alone, and THAT is effective printing.

4. Bolt Barbers – Comb Business Card

Die Cut Business Card Comb

Come on now – a business card in the shape of comb for a barber? Enough said.

5. Elevate Management – Octagonal Business Card

Die Cut Business Card Octagon

Simple. Elegant. This octagonal business card proves that you don’t need to get too ambitious with your shape choice to have an impact.

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